How to Get Back With an Ex Wife - Fixing Your Marriage

There's nothing too easy about being married. You take a normal everyday relationship and add a house, a mortgage, two jobs, some kids, maybe a few dogs... and the next thing you know the original relationship itself is suffering under the burden of all this additional weight.

Get Ex Wife Back
Your wife: She needs to love and need you
again before she'll want you back

Yet while marriage has its drawbacks, it has its perks as well. The emotional closeness and stability gained from a committed husband and wife relationship can make each of you stronger as a person, as a couple, and most important of all, as a team.

That said, even the best teams go through some rough times. If you're here because your wife left you, is threatening to leave, or has already filed for divorce? You're probably looking for ways to put things back to the way they were before.

Loving your wife is a great start, but it's often not enough. It's what she feels about you that's important right now, and over the course of your marriage chances are good her opinion of you has significantly soured.

Getting an ex wife back requires changing that opinion. It requires getting her to see you as she once did, back when you were the infallible, indestructible, and confident guy she first fell in love with. Be that guy again, and you can bring your wife back to that magical time in the beginning of your relationship when the two of you had nothing but love and respect for one another. Be that guy again and you can save your marriage, stop a divorce, and move on to a better and brighter future for your relationship.

Making Marriage Work - How Women Are Different From Men

Men and women have inherent differences, and it would be foolish to think otherwise. The basic needs and requirments of a woman - when it comes to a long-standing relationship - are often way off from the needs of a man.

When you first courted your wife, you were the pursuer. You showed her attention, and you were liberal with your time. Even after getting married, you may have still maintained the role of pursuer: buying her flowers, leaving her notes, and generally making her feel welcomed and loved.

This is important, because the number one reason women cite for leaving a committed relationship? Lack of attention.

The Magic of Making Up

Step one to getting back with your wife is to seriously and honestly analyze the final few months or even years of your relationship. Was it still a romance? Or had it devolved into somthing a lot more mundane and routine... an arrangement where you and your wife spent less and less time together?

The reasons for spending less time really don't matter. You could cite working late hours, traveling, kids, other commitment... the problem here is that your wife felt neglected. People lacking companionship will invariably seek it elsehwhere, no matter how good a husband you think you might be.

Now this isn't to say everything's your fault, but it's definitely a factor to consider. And another one? Stability. In general, women need a more stable environment to feel happy and content. The disruption of that environment can disrupt her emotional state, leading to stress and vulnerability. Leave your wife feeling vulnerable for too long, and she'll seek stability elsewhere, even if she has to leave you to do it.

Reasons Your Wife May Be Unhappy In Your Marriage

While every situation will be different, there are certainly some common issues you can point to when it comes to a divorce. Women specifically have their own list of reasons they'll abandon a relationship, and some of these are listed below:

  • Emotional Abandonment - There's not much use staying with someone when they're not even really there. Very often a man will work long hours thinking he's being a good provider and fulfilling his marital duties, only to find out his wife left him simply because he no longer spent any time with her. By not spending quality time with your wife, you're allowing both parties to become emotionally detached from the core romantic relationship.
  • Cheating or Being Unfaithful - This is number one on the list of things that will destroy the integrity of any marriage. Cheating will cause your wife to abandon the relationship mentally, emotionally, and in time, physically as well. That said, if you did already cheat? There are some good ways of wiping the slate clean and getting her to give you a second chance.
  • Constant Fighting & Arguing - Nobody likes the chaos of always arguing and bickering within a long-term relationship. If your house turns into a war-zone every time you're in the same room together, nothing constructive is coming out of it. Your partnership has become more of a 1-on-1 battle, and any solidarity you may have felt together is eroded away. Your wife cannot feel close to you when you're fighting or arguing, even if you're sure you're 'right' about things.
  • Bad Sex or Lack of a Sex Life - Men often say they physically need or think about sex more than women. Whether this is true or not, women also require a certain intimacy level within any long-term relationship. Sexual problems should never be ignored, and if the sex isn't long enough or good enough to satisify your partner this should be a very big concern of yours as well. Good sex can often be the cornerstone of a good relationship.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed by Household Duties - Equal rights aside, a vast majority of the household upkeep and nurturing is done by women. Ditto for raising the children. If your wife feels as if she's doing more than her fair share, she'll resent you - inwardly or outwardly - for you not doing your part. And if she's overwhelmed with too much on her plate? The stress levels will chip away at the foundation of your marriage over time.

These are only a few of the bigger reasons your wife may be unhappy in your marriage right now. The good news however, is that most women will try to fix a broken relationship or marriage before abandoning hope altogether. They tend to give things more of a chance to work out, which gives you an excellent opportunity for getting that second shot.

Bringing Back The Fire and Spark of Your Past Romance

It's not enough to want your wife back, or tell her 'things will be different'. Talk is cheap, your wife knows it, amd only your actions will show her that you actually mean business.

Your best bet? Taking the relationship back to it's origins. This involves getting her to feel the same emotional attachments and overwhelming desires she felt you for when the two of you got together in the first place.

Understand something: even though she may have left, or is threatening divorce? Those emotional bonds are still there. Feelings don't go away in the blink of an eye, and even a bad marriage had good times.

It's these good times that can save the future of your relationship, and put things back to the way they were before. By learning these reversal techniques you can wipe away a lot of the negativity your wife currently associates with you and get her to see you in a more caring and positive way.

Getting Your Wife Back - Tips and Tricks to Avoid an Impending Divorce

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11600    said on 09-21-2011

What's the quickest way to get AWAY from my wife? Can you tell me that! LOL

sparedayspike    said on 09-13-2011

You gotta figure out what's wrong if you want her to come back. The only problem is that most women won't tell you what's wrong! They want you to guess and guess until you miraculously get it right.

Things would be a lot easier if girls would say what they mean.

My Ex Wife...    said on 09-13-2011

... didn't come back until I started seeing another girl. Oops!

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