How to Last Longer During Sex - Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

So you're with some new girl, or a hot girl, or even a new hot girl (if you're lucky), and you're about to get it in. And instead of concentrating on how good she looks, or how great she feels, or how her eyes spring open as you enter her for the first time... the only think you can think about is:
will I come too quickly?

Premature Ejaculation
How long can you last for her? Will you be a champ, or a chump?

Hey, we've all been there. At one time or another we've all jumped the gun on cumming too soon, leaving the beautiful girl beneath us as disappointed as she is wholly unsatisfied.

Nothing's worse than cumming too quickly, especially when trying to impress a new girlfriend or sexual partner. You feel like a rookie on prom night; you're as inept and fumbling as you were when you unclasped your first bra.

So what can you do about premature ejaculation, so you can last as long as you actually WANT to last?

Can you really determine exactly when you have your orgasm, or is popping off too soon something that's unfortunately beyond your control?

Will you get marked down in her book as selfish and quick, or can you finally get those long-lasting, powerful erections you've always dreamed of having - the ones that will virtually enslave the girl to the point where she's calling you all hours of the night just to come over and get slammed?

The Good News About Controlling Premature Ejaculation

If you're tired of jumping the gun and finishing too quickly, the good news is there's actually LOTS you can do about it. Some of the methods and techniques for lasting longer are so simple and easy to do, you'll be shocked (and kind of pissed) that you didn't learn about them earlier.

Where most guys are content with the hand they're dealt and sullenly accept that they cum too soon, you can break out of that mindset and start working on simple exercises - both mental and physical - that will have you lasting longer, staying stronger, and doing a lot more sexual damage when it comes to bedding a girl.

Ejaculation by Command

So to start with? Forget about what's happened in the past. If you've been cumming way too soon after starting intercourse, or even losing it before you get to that stage? Get it out of your head and start with a totally clean slate.

Understand, right now, that steps can easily be taken to fix the problem, and to make it so you can eventually last for as long as you want.

Understand that YOU are the master of when you achieve orgasm, and that with minimal training YOU can control this event as easily as you control any other part of your body. By realizing these things, you've taken the first and most crucial step.

Just as you can train and condition your body into peforming certain ways, you can train and condition your levels of sexual control. Even better, there are additional mental triggers you can modify, pushing yourself into new areas when it comes to maintaining complete mastery of when and how you finish during sex.

Prematurely Ejaculating - Mentally Controlling Levels of Arousal

When most guys think about controlling themselves during sex, they think back to the same old standby: distraction.

Whether you start doing math problems in your head, or you begin reciting the statistics of your favorite sports players, by distracting yourself from the deed itself you're prolonging the amount of time you can actually have sex without cumming.

The problem with distraction is twofold. For one, it doesn't last forever. Eventually you'll run out of things to think about, and you'll eventually have an orgasm. In some cases, you can even think so hard about something other than sex that you actually lose your erection, creating an even worse sexual problem than finishing too fast!

Build Sexual Control
There are mental and physical solutions to the
problem of premature ejaculation. Learn them.

The other problem of course, is that distraction just plain sucks. I mean here you are, pounding away at some beautiful girl, enjoying the sights and sounds of some really good sex... and you have to think about baseball. Or the news. Or whatever you ate for breakfast this morning.

Instead of focusing on the incredible sensations you're feeing, and focusing on making sex good for your partner? You're sitting there doing everything possible NOT to think about it.

The irony is brilliant: all throughout your day you're distracted by fantasizing about sex. Yet when you're actually having sex? You have to distract yourself by thinking about your day... or risk shooting off before the time is right.

So fine, distractions sucks. But is it out completely? Or are there ways of distracting your mind without taking yourself completely away from what's going on between the sheets?

What if there were a way to shift your current mindset and actually think about sex while you're enjoying it? What if you could still visualize what's happening between you and your girlfriend... all while effortlessly staying away your orgasm until the time is right?

You CAN do this. With some simple mental exercises and relaxation techniques, you can build sexual stamina to the point where you're soon able to outlast your girl.

A good part of sex is mental. And guys? We're VERY visual creatures. Visually, we love to watch the female body. We love to watch porn, we love girls in lingere... we love to leave the lights on, and actually SEE the sex as well as experience it.

Most men who come too fast are actually shooting themselves in the foot with all of this visual stimulation. During the physical act of having sex they're allowing the mental aspects of hooking up to take command. This is all wrong of course, but nobody's ever taught them any different.

By mentally taking command over what's happening, you can physically delay your climax. And this is only the mind-related aspects of maintaining ejaculatory control; the other half of the equation can be solved by mastering your body.

Stop Finishing Too Soon - Physically Controlling Your Climax

Even more well known but probably just as misunderstood are the physical aspects of your climax. The millions of stimulated nerve endings that cause you to come too soon aren't the only thing keeping you from longer-lasting sex; you've got a bunch of muscles in your penis that control everything from the size and strength of your erection to the power and force of your own orgasm.

As you well know, muscles can be trained. Just like any other part of the body, you can condition your cock to obey and work the way you want it to.

There are ways of lengthening your erection, including exercises that will give you more powerful, controllable erections as well as a thicker, fuller size to them.

Penis Advantage

Learning these methods and techniques is only the beginning; with these improvments come the advantage of increased stamina and better sexual control. Imagine going for as long as you want to - or until the girl is begging for you to stop! Sounds like a porn-star fantasy, but these things can easily be achieved without pills, pumps, or surgery, if you're willing to commit a few minutes each day to certain easy-to-master exercises.

Physically improving the muscles you use for sex comes with the advantage of total control. You can also learn which foods will increase your libido, helping you last even longer during intercourse.

In the end, the more you do about the problem of premature ejaculation? The better you'll get. The longer sex will last, and the more awesome sex will be.

There are DOZENS of changes you can make to your sexual routine that will improve both the quantity and quality of your sex life. Whether you seek them out is up to you, but one thing's for sure: being proactive is always better than sitting back and hoping things somehow work themselves out.


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